Outdoor & Portable Misting Fans Rentals

Heat can be a major problem at many outdoor parties and events, causing fatigue, lowering the mood of the occasion and increasing stress. Partying in hot conditions may pose special hazards to safety, health exhaustion and heat stroke. High-speed fans with misters are one of the best ways to minimize these issues.

VersaMist cools a 180 square foot area for about 4 hours or longer when refilled. Creating a cool environment results in a positive party experience and many happier guests.

The temperature within the cool zone can be lowered between 15-20 degrees. For even better results, ice can be used in the cooler to chill the mist even more but cooling time may be reduced slightly.

Misting Fan Rates

Number of Units Description Price
(1) Versa Mist Unit $90.00
(2) Versa Mist Units $180.00
(3) Versa Mist Units $250.00

Each VersaMist requires a 100volt outlet with 1.3 amps of electricity.

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